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ABOUT US | Bright Crafts Craft Workshop Kits

When you work with 

Bright Crafts

you're benefiting from the knowledge of a passionate and experienced craftsperson

As a parent of a young boy I didn't want him wearing clothing featuring skulls or being free advertising billboards for multinational companies. While organic clothing attracted me, the colours were drab and bland. I learnt the art of Tie Dyeing in 2006 and made my son bright colourful clothing that he loved to wear.

Soon his friends were asking their parents to buy them some of Kimberlie's Tie Dye t-shirts too! In Autumn 2007 I held my first market stall at the Artisan's Market at Linuwel School. It was a stunning success, with children changing into their t-shirts even before leaving our stall! This lead to the establishment of a partnership as Magic Starfish. The range soon expanded to include dresses, skirts, aprons, tea-towels, pillow cases and bags.

Over the years I have worked in numerous industries, but craft has always been my passion. I dissolved the Magic Starfish partnership and established Bright Crafts after seeing a deep need for children, teenagers and adults to be able to explore and express their creativity in fun and easy ways. Bright Crafts has been born out of the need to help make textile crafts more accessible.

Quality products for a stress free experience

My dad was a professional artist and instilled in me at an early age to always use the best quality products you can afford. Quality products produce stress free results more easily for less cost in the long run.


Bright Crafts follows his lead by sourcing the highest quality ethically produced products to create our craft kits. Our kits include professional textile dyes, Australian Merino Wool Rovings, DMC perle threads to make your crafting experience easier and giving your finished piece longevity.


going beyond STEM to innovate 

Employers are seeking team members who can think outside the square, who can create and innovate. Art and Crafts are the practical application of Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


Creativity isn't about success or perfection, it teachers you about trial & error. Art and Craft is about experimentation, discovery, innovation & having fun. 

At Bright Crafts we love inspiring people to let go of perfection; to help them discover & experiment with their natural creativity.


Bright Crafts kits have been developed to spark your curiosity in bright, colourful, fun ways.

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